Inventory tracking software is used by companies to track inventory levels and various other aspects such as orders, sales and deliveries. For a manufacturing unit, it can be implemented for creating work orders, invoices and other production linked documents. Inventory management is important in the sense that it provides an insight about the present scenario of stocks and orders and inhibits product shortages and overstock situations. At Wise Retail, we provide top notch inventory control system to our clients.

With Wise Retail you are able to -

Get complete visibility with the smart dashboard that features real time profit & loss statements. So there is no need to wait till the last date of the month.

Get precise control over stocks with knowledge of the exact number of your goods and their pricings, even if they are located at multiple locations and different warehouses.

Get efficient sales cycle and power of managing your stocks right from the purchase to manufacturing and sales with advanced options to integrate it with eCommerce, POS and accounting software you are already using.

Inventory management systems
Our advanced inventory software provides a wide range of enticing features that brings convenience and efficacy to your business along with increasing sales and reducing costs. Get first-rate experience handling your inventory with our software that enables –

  • Real time inventory tracking
  • Serial No. tracking
  • Barcode Printing
  • Expiration date tracking
  • Manufacturer lot tracking
  • Shipment method configuration
  • Multitier stock areas tracking
  • Item matrix management according to color, shape, size, style etc.
  • Multi level categories
  • Volume pricing and discount configuration
  • Flexibility for adjustments as per physical counting and audit reports
  • Stock transfer tracking and many other features
  • Wise Retail inventory control software helps you to take full control over your inventory assets and stock movements. It brings inventory optimization that provides demand and order alerts so that you can curtail overstocks and safeguard against embarrassment of out-of-stock circumstances.