Internet has changed the ways in which retailing was done traditionally. It has brought retail shops from markets into the palms of the customers. This has given rise the concept of omni shopping as today shoppers can browse and buy products from a omni channel retailer sitting at their couch. At Wise Retail, we help your business adopt and implement the latest omni channel retail technology to make most of this new trend.

What is omni channel retail?

As the customers are today more multitasking than ever before and the use of various channels at a go such as watching television while surfing internet, they are becoming omni channel shopper.

An omni channel shopper is one that finds his product online, orders it online and has the product delivered at his home without having to enter the actual retailer store. Omni Channel retailing is when the retailer provides its customers option to buy goods from his store online.

Why Do you need omni channel retail software?

Omni channel retailers are increasing day by day as more and more people are looking to buy goods and services online. Even the Omni channel retail technology is changing each day as new and advanced Omni channel retail software are appearing every day that are a notch ahead in function to their predecessors. With this the demand for custom software development has also increased.

Here are the benefits of having omni channel retailing for your store:

Increased sales: Sales of your product are bound to increase if you are one of the retailers who give their customers the option of omni channel retail. Since the customers can browse and buy your products from anywhere, at any time, this means that your retail shop is doing business even when it is closed. At, Wise Retail, we help add this new sales channel to add to your revenue stream.

Benefit from Omni channel marketing: Omni channel Marketing is basically when your consumers buy your product and post about it online thereby marketing you.

Omni channel inventory: Gone are the days when you would face an embarrassing stock out situation. Our Omni channel inventory functions allows the customer to browse for the product they love which is available in limited quantity and then to order them online so that they never have to leave the store empty handed.

Since the retail shopping experience has changed due to omni channelling, the customer experience of retail shopping has also changed. Omni channel customer experience is always better than traditional retail shopping experience, because now everything is available at the palm of the customers.

To add this new revenue channel to your business, contact us today!