Wise Retail customer relationships management software extends beyond the functionalities provided by ordinary CRMs and provides comprehensive sales cycle management by incorporating various stores inventory system features such as vendors, products, pricing, orders, sales quotes, invoices etc. along with other modules such as contacts, leads etc. Our top notch software provides you seamless operation with platforms having an integration of pre-sales and post-sales activities. Additionally you can easily go for procurement of goods and services from your preferred list of suppliers.

Wise Retail Software – Facilitating seamless store information

Our versatile store inventory software enables you to know exactly what your current inventory levels are so that you can immediately take steps to minimize the under-stock and over-stock situations. Knowing and tracking the exact quantities of your stocks located at varied storing locations, you'll have a greater insight about the current situation and be able to take smarter and strategic decisions for the benefit of your company.

Online inventory software – Common areas of application

  • Distribution units
  • Warehouses
  • Online stores
  • Supply rooms and stock rooms.
  • Classrooms and offices
  • Facilities administration
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Ongoing projects
  • Functionalities we provide

    With our award winning store inventory control system, you'll be able to

    Create orders for purchase.

    Receive supplies, relocate, adjust, stack or dispose your inventory items

    Create orders for sales

    Pick orders at your discretion

    Pack and ship

    Create, execute, schedule and share reports

    Get exact counts with respect to physical inventory and number of sales cycles.

    Print barcode and labeling

    Wise Retail online inventory software helps you to dynamically connect your customer service goals with inventory items across various tiers of your supply chain. You can easily balance your inventory levels and assess various crucial signals to take tactical decisions about your stock. Our system enables you to get your goods promptly and consistently available at the right time and at the right place increasing your sales.