Resellers or stockists are the retailers who have ample space to keep a large amount of inventory in their warehouses. Many merchants team up with the store owners to store or resell their products. Stockists or super stockists are invaluable partners for the physical retail side of any business.

It is beneficial for the retailers as they can get ample space and selling partners by giving up a part of their profits. But for the stockists, managing everything gets difficult. If they work for different retailers, having access to all the stock and available space can get difficult for them. In such a situation, only a company offering advanced software can help stockists.

Wise Retail is that company making inventory and store management easy and hassle-free for stockists with its industry-oriented omnichannel solutions. By investing in omnichannel solutions, stockists can handle queries from different retailers and can make money by selling their products.

It is a win-win situation for both the retailers as well as stockists. Omnichannel software makes store management, client relation management and sales tracking easier for you, which has a direct impact on your profits. If you keep a clear record of your work, you can show it to the retailers and can win their trust.

In today’s market where retailers also expect to get access to their inventory kept with the stockists, you need to have a solution to this. Omnichannel software from Wise Retail makes it possible for you as you can easily give access to the retailers and can allow them to check their stock.

Get in touch with the software developers at Wise Retail today to discuss your requirements and get free quotes. Based on the size of your business, retailers you work with and your budget, they will develop the best omnichannel solution for you.