Procuring and managing staff and supply services for projects and other trading needs are vital for any business and demand utmost proficiency in today's competitive business scenario. Wise Retail vendor management system is among the best solutions available today. It provides a centralized portal for enrolling suppliers, writing comments on the work performance, addressing issues such as non-compliances, processing your invoices and much more.

All our vendor management solutions are targeted towards reducing the amount of time invested to recruit the workforce required to complete a job. This in turn leads to several other benefits such as cost effectiveness, rationalizing future projects and reduction of non-compliances.

Vendor Management System Software – Product Highlights

Wise Retail provides a highly efficient vendor management tool to easily manage various requirements of your clients as well as handle large pools of your suppliers in a proficient way so that your service level exceeds your clients' expectations. Our vendor management software–

  • Supports business models based on neutral and master vendors
  • Compatible with multitier MSP programs
  • Tracks pricing and service standards
  • Publishes jobs to vendors and in-house recruiters either simultaneously or in several steps.
  • Enables thorough communication between vendor-managers and vendor-recruiters.
  • Manages vendor submissions and administers duplicates effortlessly.
  • Provide unlimited candidate, vendor and client portals for entering, receiving and approving timesheets and expenses as the case may be.

  • With Wise Retail vendor management software open source system you get unlimited client portals for receiving consolidated invoices, approving timesheets and expenses and accessing client specific reporting. This includes current job as well as candidate pipelines, day to day placements, total hours spent and other diversified activities.

    A vendor managed inventory is crucial in today's context and brings about efficacy and cost savings. By partnering with us, not only you get solutions regarding the main elements such as managing and procuring workforce for your projects but also several other additional services that adds to your convenience and competency..

    Comprehensive Reporting

    Wise Retails makes reporting for its Vendor Management software effective with robust reporting capabilities. The comprehensive report makes decision making easier and efficacious with clear visibility of high-risk vendor relationship, the clear status of vendor assessment and overall risk vulnerability of the organization. For the businesses looking for quick and hassle-free reporting, Wise Retail also provides a complete audit-ready predefined report template. Furthermore, to make vendor management reporting more useful and suitable for business needs, we offer custom software development. The reports include


    All vendor report to see all crucial information about the vendors stored in the system


    All contract report to sell all crucial information about the contracts stored in the system


    Vendor classification report to see classification ratings for all vendors saved in the system


    Vendor due diligence report to see all the traits related to the Due Diligence process


    Critical vendor detail report to see the vendors categorized as Level 1 – Critical


    Exceptions report highlighting vendors and contracts that don’t have important information like classifications, due diligence, and contract expiration dates


    Documents requested and not received the report, which is a list of documents asked from the vendors but they haven’t provided yet. It also includes links to drill down to the due diligence assessment for additional review

    Key Vendor Risk Management Features

  • Vendor classification to understand the inherent risk
  • Dynamic workflow engine to organize workflows, pages and questionnaires to collect information for third parties
  • Self-service portals that include temporary user accounts to make strong self-service portals
  • Digital file library to help the users get easy access to online files and contracts
  • Notifications to inform particular employees about due dates
  • Customizable report templates to use prebuilt reports or to improve them as per your business needs
  • Dashboard layout for “At-a-Glace” status reviewing and swift decision-making
  • Web-based features for trouble-free operation and automatic updates
  • User group security that sets employee safety levels and allocates merchants to different employees
  • Auto back-up to ensure security and safety of your work
  • Audit history logs to allow employees and vendors easy tracking of documents changes
  • Optional deployment services to save time and efforts with voluntary services