Yappes Releases New Version of the Platform for APIs

Platform for Creation, Distribution, Discovery and Management of APIs focused on developers

Yappes Technologies Private Limited announced the release of their latest version of Yappes, the go to global platform for creation, distribution and management of Application Program Interface (API). Yappes is a secure, cloud-based, domain agnostic Backend as a Service (BaaS) platform which allows users/developers to reach a worldwide ecosystem of users/developers through online market place. Yappes has cutting-edge technologies and suite of tools for the developers to create APIs within minutes, thus saving hours of tedious coding. More importantly it helps leverage APIs to enhance revenues and supports any business’s digital strategy. In today’s business scenario, APIs are the most important and critical link through which applications and software communicate with one another. However, creating and managing an API is complex, cumbersome and expensive. Yappes Ver 3.0 platform enables users to manage the entire API lifecycle effectively, efficiently and in a simple easy to use process.

Yappes provides flexibility for the developers/providers to write their own business logic and connect with their remote data silos for the APIs. The platform is built by developers for developers, and fosters creation of robust complete and comprehensive APIs. Yappes can help Design, Develop, Test and Release APIs for distribution and provides detailed analytics, monitoring and monetization services. It helps users find and use APIs quickly, and a provider-developer to easily create, share and monetize it. It is a revenue generating prospect for developers, providers and users.

Technical Highlights

– Cloud Platform providing BaaS for APIs.
– Live APIs are accessible within a matter of minutes across different development phases (dev, sandbox and production).
– Business logic is coded (JavaScript) for more flexibility.
– Remote connect to MySQL and Mongo database silos over SSH.
– Migrate and save the data within the application as Store/Collections.
– Enhanced security where all transactions are authenticated and authorized.
– Maintain and Transition each Endpoint across the development cycles.
– Monitor through a single window all APIs created and their usage.
– Easy integration through readily accessible multiple Libraries/SDK.
– Try-out or Test the APIs on the platform, prior to integration.
– Negotiate pricing and terms in private deal rooms between the API provider and consumer with dynamic pricing support.

About Yappes Technologies Private Limited:

Yappes Technologies, an Indian company founded by Bhanu K Jain (CEO) and Rajagopal Somasundaram (CTO) is young, promoted by technophiles and seasoned promoters and has exponential growth prospects. It was incubated by TSI in 2016 November. The company is selected as one among the top 10 global startups by Eye for Travel, Las Vegas.

The development was reported by prnewswire.co.in

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