DHL – Launches, direct-to-consumer solution!

DHL Supply Chain launches direct-to-consumer solution

DHL Supply Chain has partnered with digital commerce agency Tryzens to offer brands a rapid-start, scalable and cost-effective D2C route to market.

ConsumerDirect is a revolutionary solution that simplifies access to digital and supply chain capabilities, enabling established brands currently selling through wholesale or retail channels to enter the direct-to-consumer market with ease.

The partners will work with brands to launch a new digital storefront for D2C sales and reconfigure the supply chain that can grow as the business does. They’ll also assist brands in meeting customer demands of subscription models, personalized products and sustainable solutions.

The solution is meant to help brands run a direct-to-consumer solution through the infrastructure and services of DHL. We’ll also help you build your supply chain and start selling online in a way that minimizes risk. With low entry costs and pay-as-you grow pricing, it’s an affordable way to get started with online sales.

Increasingly, consumers and retail brands have turned to direct e-commerce channels to reach their customers, ensure supply, increase customer loyalty, understand consumer behavior, and improve margins. With the ConsumerDirect proposition from DHL and Tryzens, brands can reach a greater number of consumers globally with high-quality products and an outstanding end-to-end experience without the great risk or investment they would normally encounter.

We’re excited to partner with Tryzens because their additional expertise helps us provide a one-stop-shop for local and global fulfillment. In the market, there is often a misconception that established consumer goods brands can easily transition from wholesale to online retail. But this isn’t always the case. We understand these challenges and partnered with Tryzens for their complementary knowledge and expertise.

The CEO of Tryzens, Andy Burton, said that direct-to-consumer marketing provides brands with additional opportunities to sell their products and give them better insight into their customers. Additionally, it helps brands stand out in a crowded marketplace and control the narrative they want.

At Tryzens, we’re proud to be working with DHL to provide the best supply chain management solution for selling your products on a direct-to-consumer basis. The consumer promise is made up of three parts: online shopping, the real-world fulfillment experience and the product quality experience. And at Tryzens, we believe that delivering this promise is so important that it requires partnerships like ours with world class companies like DHL.

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