Food startups play health card

NEW DELHI: Food startups are using health as bait to target young consumers leading hectic lives. From hawking breakfast bars that help skip morning meals to cold brew coffee that is less acidic than hot-brewed, these fledgling companies are vying for market share from grocery store mainstays.

For instance, Yoga Bar, a protein bar brand co-founded by sisters Suhasini and Anindita Sampath, has started selling more than a million bars every month, up from 40,000 a year ago. The sisters are expanding into other snacking categories, including namkeens that are dominated by bigger players such as Haldirams and PepsiCo’s Lays. “We are currently present in 5,000 locations across the country,” said Anindita. “We will be in 10,000 within the next few months.”

Big food brands that tried to crack the protein bar category failed because they used expensive celebrity endorsements, she said, while Yoga Bar banked on word-of-mouth publicity. “We make very little money on our products because natural ingredients cost money. Discerning consumers, these days, read labels and can differentiate between artificial and natural ingredients,” she said.

Similarly, Revofit, a pure play fitness app backed by Marico, is set to enter the FMCG segment. “The brand has been growing at a pace of 35% month-on-month,” said founder & CEO of Revofit, Sunjay Ghai.

Yogapulp, a Mumbai-based startup that sells juices mixed with aloe vera, is betting on the same proposition. “We would like to call our drinks functional rather than healthy,” said founder of Yogapulp, Nitin Gupta, who also runs a celebrity gym in Mumbai.

Raw Pressery, that opened up the organic packaged coldpressed juice market in India, is now selling soups. Sleepyowl, a New Delhi-headquartered startup that introduced cold brew coffee, has started selling coffee-making kits that help consumers prepare the beverage on the go.

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