Global Desi “Global styles Indian Threads”

Global Desi “Global styles Indian Threads”

Names like AND, Global Desi, AND Girl, Global Desi Girl are on the list of brands. Ocher & Black Private Limited is a respected organization in today’s fashion industry. From sophisticated western clothing storage by AND & AND Girl, to ethnic clothing rentals by Global Desi and Global Desi Girl, each Ocher & Black Private Limited brand has its own personality. For 2021, the fashion house will launch its new brand, itse, to appeal to a younger market looking for affordable ethnic style.
Global Desi "Global styles Indian Threads"
The influence of Ocher & Black Private Limited extends beyond national borders. With over 900 outlets nationwide, the fashion house now boasts 235 luxury brand stores and over 625 large multi-brand stores. And here’s what you should know:
In 2013, Ocher & Black Private Limited established its first international presence by opening Global Desi in Mauritius.

In line with sustainability, the company has relocated to a new location in the quiet green hills of Navi He Lavalle, Mumbai. This shift in April 2015 enabled the company to develop ergonomically designed buildings. Environmentally, animal and labor friendly – this new age architecture uses air, water and sunlight in the most efficient and economical way. Therefore, Ocher & Black Private Limited has championed a working environment that emphasizes green and natural surroundings.




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