Keventer is exploring the possibility of setting up a unit in Assam

GUWAHATI: Food & Beverage Company, Keventer is exploring the possibility of setting up a unit in Assam to manufacture some of its products.

Mayank Jalan, Chairman & Managing Director, Keventer who was in Guwahati on Thursday said, “We are exploring the possibility of setting up manufacturing unit in Assam. By 2019 we will be able to spell out our plans. We are in talks with state government. Our team is working on the project.”

The company has 12 units spread across the country. The company’s Rs 150-crore facility at Barasat on the outskirts of Kolkata is operational and has a capacity to process around two lakh litres of milk a day.

The company products include ice cream, UHT (Ultra High Temperature) milk, frozen products. The company has launched UHT Milk in Northeast India is eyeing 25 per cent market share by 2020.

Jalan said “The market has a huge potential to grow as UHT Milk only accounts for 2.3 percent of India’s organized sector whereas in countries like China, it contributes more than 60 percent of the total milk consumption. Hence, after pouch milk and ice-cream, venturing into UHT Milk business was a natural progression for us at Keventer.”

Keventer sources milk from 20,000 dairy farmers, who are in a 100 km radius from the Keventer campus at Barasat.

Saurabh Jajodia, CEO, UHT Milk, Keventer Agro said “The Indian UHT Milk Market is expected to surpass Rs.10,000 crores by 2023. In terms of volume, UHT Milk market in India is currently at 15,00,000 LPD (Litres per Day); with 30 percent being consumed in East India. In East alone, the UHT Milk market has grown by over 20 percent y-o-y over the last 5 years.”

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