Refugees in Mizoram need food, healthcare

Refugees living in Hmawngbuchhuah Village in Lawngtlai District of Mizoram State are in need of food and healthcare after fighting between the Tatmadaw and the Arakan Army forced them to take shelter in the village around a year ago.

B.Johna, a Chin national living in Lawngtlai, said an abbot from the village has been taking charge in providing food to the refugees but there are still many difficulties.

“Mizoram government gave 60 bags of rice when they first fled here. There’s nothing left afterward. The abbot from this village has been assisting them. It’s been nearly a year so there are many inconveniences,” B.Johna said.

The abbot from Hmawngbuchhuah Village has been buying the required food supplies using the donations from pilgrims travelling to Bodh Gaya and distributing them to the refugee families.

The health condition of the refugees has worsened now and they are facing difficulties due to lack of healthcare, according to B.Johna.

“Many refugees often have fever, diarrhea, and malaria.  There’s no healthcare. Only the abbot has been taking charge. Sometimes, the AA (Arakan Army) gives medicine and rice,” he added.

Around 300 refugees are living in Hmawngbuchhuah Village and the village is located in the border area so the refugees have to buy food supplies and receive medical treatment in Lawngtlai District.

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