Samsung retains market leadership in microwave ovens in India

KOLKATA: How about cooking dhokla, gunpowder masala, rasam, rajama chawal, naan, make curd in 30 minutes or create masalas by push of few buttons? Led by such innovations, Korean major Samsung has retained its market leadership in microwave ovens in India for the last three years despite the entry of newer brands in this segment.

As per GfK data, Samsung became market leader in microwave ovens in 2016 when it clocked over 32% share by volume sales. The lead continued in 2017 while the brand extended it in last year. As per latest data available, Samsung’s volume share in microwave ovens in last November was over 34%.

“Samsung’s month-on-month market leadership in the microwave category since the last three years is a result of continuous innovation in tune with the requirements of Indian consumers,” said Rajeev Bhutani, senior vice president (consumer electronics) at Samsung India.

Samsung India said with changing lifestyles and busy schedules, Indian consumers now use their microwave ovens daily not just for re-heating but for cooking. Herein Samsung is undertaking its entire technology innovation for the Indian consumers and undertaking 1200-1500 ground level activations to build the buzz.

The company has launched an app for its microwave oven range which can even recommend what to cook based on the available ingredients. Bhutani said this has fuelled penetration in tier II and III markets and helped to drive growth retaining leadership in the category.

The microwave oven category is around Rs 850 crore and one of the least cluttered segment in white goods with around 15 brands operating in the segment. Samsung said North leads in overall sales accounting for 35% while demand is increasing from smaller towns led by rural electrification projects.

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