Vision Express’ Photochromatic Lenses Helps to Have a Hassle-free Vision Throughout the Day

Vision Express believes in offering not just eyewear but also world-class eye care. People with prescribed spectacles, the variation in lighting condition creates the necessity to carry multiple eyewears. Photochromatic lenses are the solution for frequent commuters with vision correction needs. These are ‘light-adaptive’ lenses which are almost clear indoors and get darker when exposed to the sun. By varying the glare levels, these glasses offer hassle-free solution to control the damage done by UV rays.

How do they work?

Photochromatic lenses are clear lenses which change colour if exposed to the sun. Darkening of these ‘adaptive’ lenses is caused by a chemical reaction within the lens after coming in contact with UV Rays. The lenses become clear eventually when removed from sun exposure.

Why are they unique?

The uniqueness of photochromatic lenses lies in its transitive nature during an encounter with different brightness levels. The ideal amount of tint is automatically adjusted depending upon the illumination. Unlike prescription sunglasses which can be too dark for a partly cloudy day, photochromatic lenses have just the right tint because of its adaptive nature.

Who are they suitable for?

Photochromatic lenses cater to a wider segment of spectacle wearers. Ranging from children to the old aged, these lenses are one dependable solution for vision correction as well as sun protection.

Combat Glaring Light: The daily commute and other travels that people have to undertake exposes one to frequent light glares, especially at night. While driving, a combination of polarized and photochromatic lenses reduces eye strain due to frequent change in glare levels.

No compromise on style: Available in a variety of colors, the photochromatic lenses add to the style quotient of eyeglass wearers. Suitable for most of the prescriptive glasses and sunglass frames, these lenses last longer than the normal lenses.

The best of both worlds: For both growing kids and old aged people, who tend to misplace things, the adaptive glasses help in reducing the number of eyewears they have to keep track of. It has proved to be beneficial for people starting to develop age-related long-sightedness, also known as presbyopia.

According to Mr. Gurpreet Singh Bhatia, CEO, Reliance Vision Express Pvt Ltd, “More and more people are taking eye care seriously today. Protection against long exposure to pollution, dust and the sun is becoming an imperative. We at Vision Express, ensure great measures are taken in providing the best eye care solution that our customers need.”

The photochromatic lenses are here to provide the spectacle wearers a long-term eye protection and eye care solution both indoors and outdoors. These can be the best friend for them who choose to seek protection from harmful UV rays, comfort for eyes while driving, and freedom from carrying different pairs of glasses.

About Vision Express:

Vision Express India, is a joint venture between Grand Vision, the global leader in optical retail and Indian conglomerate, Reliance Retail Limited. Grand Vision has over 6,000 optical stores across 44 countries. In India, Vision Express has more than 160 stores across 30 cities. Vision Express believes in offering not just eyewear but also world-class eye care. They offer a European Certified comprehensive eye test conducted by qualified optometrists using state of the art instruments. Their wide range of high-quality lenses and contact lenses made of superior materials ensures that you get the best solution for your vision correction. They also offer a wide range of sunglasses.

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