Winds Business Solutions Launches Retailbean – The New Omni-channel Retail Solution for SMEs

Retailbean /RetailbeanLite – a cloud-based, omni-channel retail solution developed by innovators in Palakkad, a small town based out of Kerala, India, is capturing the attention of global SMEs across the globe. The solution is already deployed by 100+ retailers in India and Middle East.

Retail landscape across the globe is becoming more and more competitive and complex. India has about 13 million retailers and only 10% belongs to the organised sector. This figure is an indication of growing potential of Indian Retail industry. Being a high potential consumer market with 1.3 billion population, India has become a major focus of global brands.

In order to survive and succeed in the rapidly changing retail industry, it is imperative to upgrade to new technologies and trends now defining the customer experience and retail success. ‘Retailbean,’ has been designed to cater to the requirements of small and medium retailers. The cloud-based solution is available as SaaS version named ‘RetailbeanLite’, and the Enterprise edition named ‘Retailbean’.

RetailbeanLite : It is a SaaS-based ‘retail software’ which helps small and medium retailers to go cloud with a one click installation. With ReatailbeanLite, retailers can seamlessly manage POS (point of sales), inventory, customer lifecycle, loyalty, customer engagement, accounts receivables and accounts payables etc., on cloud from anywhere. The inbuilt analytics will empower the retailers take informed decisions on-the-go.

RetailbeanLite offers industry-specific features such as ‘Bespoke Tailoring’ modules for Apparel retailers, ‘Kitchen Order Ticket’ process for food outlets and so on.

The new add-on feature to be introduced soon will be E-commerce that will top up RetailbeanLite. The new addition will help retailers of any size start an E-commerce website with a click of a button using the same inventory and customer database which is used in their physical store

RetailbeanLite is useful for ‘Shop In Shop’ retailers, ‘Exclusive Branded Outlet’ Business, ‘Single store’ retailers or ‘Retail Franchise’ business.

Enterprise version – Retailbean – Retailbean Enterprise version is a ‘cloud-based retail software’ model for medium retailers who are looking for an exclusive, licensed Omni-channel retail solution to manage their chain of physical stores and E-commerce website on a single platform.

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