Dussehra – Is this the Best time for marketers?

Dussehra brand posts light up the socio-verse by giving consumers reasons to consume their products

The Hindu holiday of Dussehra celebrates the victory of good over evil. On the Hindu calendar, it occurs on the tenth day of the month of Ashvin and is also known as Vijayadashami. India celebrates Dussehra nationwide. A significant Hindu holiday called Dussehra commemorates the victory of good over evil. Usually, it is observed by fasting, feasting, and religious rites.

Businesses can engage with their Hindu clients and promote their brands during Dussehra. Many businesses post greetings and great deals for Dussehra on social media. Some companies also produce items with a Dussehra theme or launch Dussehra promotions. Brands may help the Hindu community strengthen customer ties by participating in the Dussehra celebration on social media.

Here are a few examples that some of the brand posts depicted this Dussehra:

  • By referring to the bad of insecurities as the Raavana and the triumph over it by confidence, Nykaa provided a superb example.
  • Café Coffee Day also set up a good example. Their post depicted a cup of coffee with a bow and arrow. The caption said, “This #Dussehra, shoot away the evils of boredom and give yourself a refreshing win in a cup! Visit a Café Coffee Day near you to enjoy the festivities.
  • Mercedes Benz India provided yet another outstanding example by delivering and writing a great caption, “No matter what the obstacle, the Car-to-X Communication in the world’s best luxury car is always ready to guide you to safety.. Never be caught unprepared on your journey to success. Cheers to Dussehra!”
  • Oyo Hotels drew inspiration from current issues. The message’s caption read, “This Dussehra, as we celebrate the triumph of good over evil, let’s also work towards breaking away from our modern-day evils. Here’s wishing you a #HappyDussehra and a year full of goodness.”
  • Swiggy adopted a unique concept. They showed an adorable, ten-headed animated Raavana saying, “That one friend with the appetite of 10,” while standing in front of a few plates..”


The time when consuming sweets was a luxury is long gone, when dry fruits were only brought down from their bottle on the top shelf to sprinkle on festival dishes or if you just received new clothing for birthdays and holidays. Or back when a doll was a prized heirloom to be kept forever. We need to stop offering the same things all year long and instead make them distinctive and time-limited to rekindle the anticipation as disposable incomes rise and consumption rises across most market categories.

The market is bursting with lots of events and offerings as the holiday season draws near. Many think that now is the ideal time to make a new investment because festivals like Navratri and Dussehra are seen as good occasions. 

Everyone creates new promotions, from small businesses to large corporations, to entice customers. Even the real estate industry is reaching out to clients with alluring offers and freebies in an effort to increase sales.

“Dussehra is considered by many people as an auspicious day to buy or commence a new project or an event. Out of the three-and-a-half auspicious muhurat in Hindu calendar, Dussehra is considered as one among them. Owning a property and Investing in any new project on this day is considered lucky,” says Vijay Kelkar, (astrologer).

He adds, “The day of Vijayadashami that is Dussehra is believed to bring in Vijay, that is victory. Thus making a new investment by buying  a home, a land, or vehicle or starting a business on the day of Vijayadashami is considered favorable.”

Every effort is being made by many brands to gain more clients by enticing them with appealing offers and freebies. Although consumer purchasing behavior is slowing down, they are optimistic and expect to see rising demand throughout this holiday season.



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