Myntra to hire 16,000 hands to be festive season ready

Myntra to hire 16,000 hands to be festive season ready

During the festive season, Myntra, Flipkart’s online fashion division will create over 16,000 new employees for supply-chain, logistics, and warehouse-related positions.

In preparation for the much anticipated forthcoming holiday season, Myntra, one of India’s online platforms for fashion and lifestyle will host its annual Big Fashion Festival. The company has made more than 16,000 direct and indirect seasonal employment openings through its partners in order to meet the anticipated spike in demand during this time. The company’s chief human resource officer, Nupur Nagpal, told ET that 10,000 of those will be direct employment opportunities (including 1,000 involved centres) and 6,000 indirect, marking its most excellent hiring during a festive season to date.

In the same period of time last year, Flipkart’s online fashion division had hired 11,000 individuals, 7,000 of them were for direct jobs.

Teams across all of the nation’s warehouses, logistics, and contact centres have been enhanced as a result of the process. With a staggering 1.5 million styles accessible for fashion-conscious customers throughout the forthcoming festive season, this will allow Myntra to meet the exponential rise in demand across the nation.

This ramp-up comprises more than 6,300 additional employees to meet first-mile and mid-mile delivery demand and more than 3,000 additional employees to handle last-mile delivery.

Over 2,500 of these people are women, and over 300 are people with disabilities. They work in important urban cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata, performing tasks like sorting, grading, and packing.

Over 6000 more workers have been hired to ensure the operation runs well. More than 1000 executives are also being employed in Myntra’s customer care team to strengthen their capacity to handle heavy loads of order-related inquiries and guarantee an outstanding customer experience.

In addition to a wealth of fantastic value offers, scaling up the last mile will allow Myntra to further engage in effective and on-time delivery, a significant driver for customer happiness.

Eighty per cent of the holiday orders placed across the nation will be filled by the strong supply chain partner network, which consists of over 21,000 MENSA (Myntra Extended Network for Service Augmentation), the neighbourhood Kirana store partners.

Nupur Nagpal, the corporate’s chief human useful resource officer of Myntra, said, “This year, the festivity is expected to be seen in all its glory, after nearly two years of being celebrated in close groups. Our preparations are in full swing to cater to the high demand from our customers eagerly waiting to shop on Myntra for their festive needs.”

“About half of the supply chain management (SCM) staff from the current new batch will stay and continue working, and the contact centre staff will continue till their contractual period,” mentioned Nagpal.


For last-mile supplier partners, Myntra has added a new reward called the customer service champion this year. “It is to recognise delivery partners with a maximum number of ‘five’ ratings from customers for their service,” she added.


The ramp-up for meeting the anticipated boost in demand is creating 45 per cent more seasonal jobs and opening up work chances for women and people with disabilities. During this festive season, the local team will play a crucial role in providing clients with the best delivery possible.

Numerous delivery workers across the nation are given seasonal employment possibilities during each Myntra holiday season, especially during its Big Fashion Festival, which also increases the income of Kirana partners.

The inclusion of more women and people with disabilities among the ground workers is in line with Myntra’s goal of promoting inclusivity everywhere. Myntra will reward its frontline team with several perks and recognitions, such as attendance and festive bonuses and spot rewards, to name a few, in addition to the regular salary, to boost the earning prospects for the on-the-ground staff and recognise exceptional achievements.


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