Jamba entering India? A california based smoothie and cafe

California-based smoothie and cafe brand Jamba is looking to enter India.

The franchisor of well-known American quick-service restaurant brands like Cinnabon, Carvel, and Auntie Anne’s, Focus Brands LLC, is looking into collaborations to increase its footprint in India. Focus Brands is focusing on introducing Jamba (formerly Jamba Juice), a smoothie and wellness cafe concept, Carvel, a New York soft-serve ice cream concept, and Auntie Anne’s, a freshly baked pretzel concept, into the Indian market in partnership with FranGlobal, a renowned market entrance specialist.

 Jamba, one of the top smoothie cafes in the US, was established in California in 1990. In 2018, Focus Brands acquired Jamba and completely redesigned the brand. This brand prioritises health and wellness and is driving Focus Brands’ global expansion.

“The Indian guest is increasingly demanding more aspirational and healthy food and drinks and we feel Jamba is a natural fit in the market,” says Steven Yang, Focus Brands Managing Director of Asia. As one of the world’s top markets for well-known and aspirational brands, India can be a natural fit for the country’s wealthy consumer base.

Although the specialised food products in Focus Brands’ portfolio were born and raised in America, Focus Brands understands the need to collaborate with local franchises to adapt their product offerings to incorporate local flavours while preserving the familiar, global flavour. Franchisee partners uphold the fundamental elements of each brand while being free to vary with menu selections or shop layouts to serve regional demands best.

Since 2013, Cinnabon, a bakery known for its freshly baked cinnamon rolls and gourmet coffee, has operated more than 20 locations around India. Along with Jamba, Focus Brands has identified Carvel and Auntie Anne’s as having the highest potential for immediate growth within India. They franchise a total of 8 brands, including the deli Schlotzsky’s, the Mexican restaurant Moe’s Southwestern Grill, the deli McAlister’s Deli, and the coffee shop Seattle’s Best Coffee in some areas.

“While Focus Brands does not have a set goal for the number of stores in India, we hope to have our major brands represented in all the major cities in the coming years.” notes Yang. “While Jamba, Carvel, and Auntie Anne’s are the brands we feel could have the most immediate impact, we are open to discussing franchise opportunities with our other brands as well.”

Focus Brands’ motivation comes from helping its franchisee partners succeed in business. In their Atlanta headquarters, they have a team of specialists in operations, store development, supply chain, and marketing. They also have international offices to support partners in their regional markets. Nearly 4,000 locations in the United States and nearly 1,000 outlets in 60+ foreign regions are operated or franchised by Focus Brands.

 Ms Venus Barak, the CEO, FranGlobal, said, “India, with a large consumption market and demand for aspirational product offerings, especially in the fast-growing F&B sector, presents a great opportunity for business expansion through Franchising”. The Focus brand will benefit from FranGlobal’s specialised franchise consulting services and solutions as it attempts to establish a more fabulous presence in the Indian market.

Franchise India Holdings Limited (FIHL), the top provider of franchising solutions in Asia, has an international business division called FranGlobal. FranGlobal is an essential partner in helping numerous multinational firms enter and grow profitably in India and other topographies. FranGlobal and Focus Brands plan to embark on a successful business journey to develop their presence in India.

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