Coca-Cola’s New Marketing for DIWALI?

Coca-Cola Launches First-Ever Bluetooth-Enabled Locked Coke Bottle

Coca-Cola India has launched a technological product innovation – a locked coke. This is a limited-edition drink for the festive season. The “locked” bottle is equipped with a unique cap that supports Bluetooth, which is programmed to open only in the presence of the sender’s mobile phone. The idea aligns with Coke’s recent #MilkeHiManegiDiwali campaign, which encourages consumers to meet and celebrate this Diwali holiday.

This is a unique product creation by Coke in India. You can order bottles through the mini-website by filling in the recipient’s residential address and a personalized holiday greeting or message. The recipient will then receive a customized bottle, pre-programmed to detect the presence of the sender’s mobile phone to unlock it. This unique bottle is a symbolic reminder of a promise to meet in person.

Kaushik Prasad, Coca-Cola Brand Marketing Manager, said, “At Coca-Cola, we are excited to announce a one-of-a-kind product innovation for consumers. Digital support and product innovation are the mainstays of our growth at Coca-Cola, and our new “key” bottle fits this strategy perfectly. The unique limited edition gift bottle (available in India) will inspire social cohesion as people come together to meet, greet, connect and share (locked) Coke Diwali.

The innovation will be delivered through a 360-degree campaign, including a digital series, partnerships with renowned influencers and a TVC series conceived by creative partner Ogilvy. Watch TVC here:

Sukesh Nayak, Creative Director at Ogilvy India, added: “This is an invitation that I hope no one will turn down. We hope that the beautiful combination of technology and people has created the most attractive Diwali invitations, which will see people make an effort to visit their inviter, open a locked bottle of Coke and enjoy together.

Bottles of limited edition Coke can now be ordered and given away for free through the dedicated website, accessible via mobile phone.

Over the past two years, amid the pandemic, the holiday season has missed out on physical connections as consumers resort to “virtual wishes”. This Diwali, Coca-Cola seeks to evoke a sense of unity among people and bring out the true magic of celebrating in person with loved ones.

Coca-Cola Marketing

Coca-Cola is an apt example of a product without any real benefits. Similar and better product satisfaction regarding physical attributes are widely available in the market. Yet there is something different about having a Coke. The psychological reasons for choosing a Coke over a Nimboo Soda vary, and the satisfaction attained is way apart as well.
In this hyper-connected world, every brand wants to go beyond the obvious and be able to carve out a specific identity and place in the hearts of consumers. The industry has witnessed a revolutionary change wherein the power has shifted from companies to customers. Branding conventions are evolving daily since consumer consumption patterns are no longer static but fluid in nature. They no longer concentrate on just the product and its functional benefits but have an equal focus on the meaning and value that a brand adds to their lives. This change in power relations led companies to innovate, renew and think of building brands through new-age methods to build a long-lasting connection with consumers, enabling them to become brand advocates in the long run.
Some of the advertisements used for branding Coca-Cola became a part of people’s consciousness, and events in their lives were shaped around the brand. For example, every year before Christmas, an advertisement shows the Christmas trucks and the jingle that says, ‘holidays are coming—holidays are coming. A customer claims: “It isn’t Christmas until I’ve seen that …I have to congratulate Coca-Cola on capturing the festive spirit so well”. In the late 1940s, Coke used the tagline ‘Where there’s Coke, there’s hospitality. Hospitality was a sought-after virtue when the world was strife-torn after the Second World War. Families aspired to be hospitable and socially well-regarded. Similarly, it is with the DIWALI festival in India. No one can un-see the Coca-Cola ads during the festive season in India.

About Coca-Cola India

Coca-Cola in India is one of the leading beverage companies in the country, providing a wide range of healthy, safe, high quality and refreshing beverages to consumers. Since re-emerged in 1993, the company has refreshed consumers with its drinks – Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Diet Coke, Thums Up, Charged by Thums Up, Fanta, Fanta Apple Delite, Limca, Limca Sportz, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Maaza, VIO flavoured milk, Minute Maid juice line, Minute Maid Smoothie and Minute Maid Vitingo, Georgia, Aquarius and Aquarius hot and cold coffee and tea options line Glucocharge, Schweppes, SmartWater, Kinley and Bonaqua packaged drinking water and Kinley Soda Club.
The company, with its own bottling operations and other bottling partners, through its strong network of more than 2.6 million retail stores, touches millions of consumers’ lives with a speed of more than 500 parts per second. Its brands are among the country’s most popular and best-selling drinks, with Thums Up and Sprite being the two best-selling carbonated beverages.

The Coca-Cola system in India contributes on a small scale to building sustainable communities through community initiatives within World Zero Waste, The Fruit Economy, Water Management, women’s empowerment and more. For more information about the company’s operations in India and its products, please visit:

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