Modern fusion brand Global Desi, Wolfzhowl strategy partners

Modern fusion brand Global Desi, Wolfzhowl strategy partners

Global Desi, a trendy fusion clothing brand, has roped in Wolfzhowl as its strategic partner.

When the world is actively chasing fast fashion and new brands appear every day on various online shopping platforms, how does a vintage brand maintain its position and not lose its market share?

Global Desi faced the same challenge.

“Global Desi wants to reposition its brand and use digital media effectively to reach young women looking for stylish ethnic wear. To do this, it was important to find a partner who understood fashion, our brand codes and the women of the early Gen Z and late millennial era.

Modern fusion brand Global Desi, Wolfzhowl strategy partners

We found it in Wolfzhowl, a young team focused on creating impact and achieving brand and business goals,” said Neha Murdeshwar, AVP Marketing, House of Anita Dongre. The aim of Wolfzhowl is to present Global Des as a renewed brand with a stronger identity. They have been roped in as strategic partners of Global Desi and Global Desi Girl and are responsible for strengthening the brand position.

“With the rise of intimate brands on Instagram and consumers flirting with different brands at any shopping event, it is imperative that Global Desi positions itself as a brand that offers stylish fusion clothing, but does so in a way that appeals to young Gen. Z first-timers as effectively as young millennial moms. We have designed the positioning and will soon see the communication to implement it.

We’ve already started seeing increased engagement across platforms as we get closer to the launch date,” said Prerna Dubey Gupta, Partner and Chief Integration Strategist at Wolfzhowl.

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