Want a break from the city’s heat? Ski India is the perfect solution

Yes, now you can witness snowfall in the NCR.

Ski India is great for a break from the city.

Ski India is great for a break from the city.

On entering Ski India, you’ll forget everything about the blistering heat that attacks you from all directions whenever you step out of the house. Gone is the ‘loo’ and the blindingly bright sun, threatening to fry you into a crisp, only to be replaced by cool air that will have you craving warmth in no time.

A 100,000 sq ft property comprising 2 floors, Ski India tries to replicate the environs of a skiing resort within the NCR at a temperature of -10’C to -15’C by offering activities like skiing, tubing, tobogganing and bob sledging. There’s also a skating ring in the arena, where you can fall at your heart’s will, until you get a hang of ice skating (we were told that the trick lies in keeping your body weight towards the front and controlling the distance between your feet). To make you feel like you are at Gulmarg, there’s also a special area that boasts of snowfall.

Designed as a sci-fi world with lots of mascots and patrons thrown in, there’s a separate space where you can take a look at all the futuristic-looking figurines. And if there are any special moments you want to savour, then instead of clicking pictures from your phone cam at the prospect of letting your fingers turn blue, use the services of their in-house photographers, albeit at a price.

While you are provided with special gear before entering, unless you think that freezing to death is a rather glamourous way to die, steer clear of wearing shorts. Don’t forget to carry a pair of thick socks if you don’t want to shell out money on a new pair.

Ski India is operational from Monday to Sunday, from 11 am to 10 pm, with each session of 1 hour 45 minutes, priced at Rs 1,150. There are six sessions on offer and entry in the middle of an ongoing session is prohibited. So, it’s best to plan accordingly. You can even pre-book your tickets by visiting the website, three hours prior to a session.

The development was reported by India Today

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